Why do you want to attend the banker associate program?

Misk / BSF The Banker Associate Program


The Banker Associate Programaims to attract talented and motivated Saudi graduates from leading local and international universities, who aspire to build a career in the Banking and Financial Markets industry.  Our program is designed to accelerate the careers of our participants by providing targeted and varied learning opportunities – formal, on-the-job and through networking – and a deliberate approach to progression. Our development actions will equip our graduates with the means to grow and succeed through the application of theory in actual work and practice.

Program details

The Banker Associate program is a learning journey, where progression is staged via scenario-based challenges and assessments, which the participant needs to complete successfully prior to moving on to the next phase. The program is divided into four main phases:

1 Activate:

Phase 1 activates learning by covering fundamental industry and financial market knowledge. During this phase, participants will organize into groups and receive their program project, which will be delivered as a culminating task at end of this program

2 Develop:

Phase 2 develops sound business, finance and analytical capabilities; this phase also equips the participants on honing teamworking behavior and strengthens their communication abilities through structuring recommendations with credibility

3 Advance:

Phase 3 advances on core technical skills comprising credit, risk management, corporate finance and investment management; as well as enhances professional skills on creative thinking, proactivity and problem solving

4 Embed:

During the final two weeks of the program, participants will finalize their project – an intensive simulation that will challenge the delegates to think outside the box, work in teams across disciplines and integrate everything they have learned during the program.

Writing sample (300-700 words):

· 1- Why do you want to attend the banker associate program?

2- Statement of purpose; A brief description of why you want to participate in the internship program> and how it will add to your future career goals?

3-What do you think makes you a unique candidate?( min. 300 words)?

4- how would this program help meet your career and academic goals?

5- talk about yourself and interest in the filed ?

3- describe any relevant experience you have completed in your filed of interest.

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