white people supporting efforts to end segregation and discrimination in some places after the World War II

In a 7-8 page paper, double-space, Times New Roman, please address the following question:

What made it so difficult for many white people to support efforts to end segregation and discrimination in schools, housing, and jobs in the two decades following World War II? Your main source for answering this question should be Melba Beals’ Warriors Don’t Cry, ((but you are required to draw from at least two of the following primary documents)) :

  1. Southern Manifesto (1956) [Voices Of Freedom Book]
  2. Anne Braden, “A Letter from a white southern woman from Anne Braden”


C. James Baldwin debates William Buckley

D. Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from a Birmingham Jail


Notes: I need 2 to 3 pages for tomorrow and the rest i should have it by next Sunday 15th of July

Melba Beals’ Warriors Don’t Cry

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