What role did human resources play in the recruitment and selection processes

400 Words / No Plagiarism

The human resource employee recruitment and selection processes are critical to maintaining a competent and fully staffed workforce. Although these processes may have some potential weaknesses, it is incumbent upon the organization to continue to identify these issues and make any required improvements.

This discussion has four parts, as follows:

  1. Think about personal experiences that you have had with a human resources department either during recruitment or the hiring process. What role did human resources play in the recruitment and selection processes? Your reply should focus on the tasks of the human resources group that would include items such as determining the need for new employees.
  2. Discuss the importance of each step of the recruitment and selection processes. Based on your personal experience, what step do you think is the most important, and why? Your response should provide details of these steps and not simply list the steps.
  3. From your personal experiences with the employee recruitment and selection process, what are some problems that you have seen, and what do you think could be improved?
  4. Think about a time when you were interviewing for a position. What test or assessment was used during your evaluation? In your response, speak to how the assessment was done and how effective you think it was.

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