what other knowledge do you currently have about Performance Improvement in Healthcare? 

In this forum, list a few terms in Performance Improvement in Healthcare that you already know.  Also, what other knowledge do you currently have about Performance Improvement in Healthcare?  

1. The list a few terms in Performance Improvement in Healthcare that I know is the Quality, Quality Assurance and Performance improvements. Each one have different mean such the Quality is the way if the health service for each person and population going up. the Quality Assurance when they check if the hospital and clinic have the right tools and skills to take care of a patient. Lastly, Performance Improvement, is to student more about hoe a health service to meet the need of  a patient. I also know that collect and analyze data ( data collection and analysis lie at the heart of  quality improvement), communicate your result (quality improvement efforts should be transparent to your staff, physicians and patients)  and spread your successes (share lessons learned with others to support wide-scale, rapid improvement that benefits all patients and the health care industry.

2. The terms that I know in performance improvement in healthcare would be: Hospital Admissions, American Nurse Association (ANA), American Hospital Association (AHA), American Medical Association (AMA), Center for Medicare and Medicaid service (CMS), Benchmarking, Coordination of care, JCAHO, Quality Assurance (QA), and National Institute of Health (NIH), Primary and secondary care, Electronic medical records(EMR), Benefits, Ambulatory Care, Acute Care and chronic disease. I don’t know much about performance improvement, by the end of the semester I know, I’m sure that I will learn and retain the information from that will be given by the Professor, textbooks, and anything I research on my own.

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