What happens if we skip breakfast on a regular basis?

Professor: Teresa Hayes

SPCH 275 – Persuasive Speech

Title: Why breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Thesis: Starting off your day with a good healthy breakfast helps you maintain a healthy body weight and to be more productive throughout your day.

Introduction: I usually eat breakfast everyday but there is time when I just don’t feel like waking up earlier to have enough time to eat before work. I will explain the positive impact and the negative impact of having or skipping breakfast. Is funny I was explaining today to my 12years old daughter the importance of her having breakfast she usually skips it because she is too slow to get ready for school.

When my alarm goes off in the morning I think of what I can eat fast so I don’t skip breakfast but sometimes I sleep 5 minutes extra and I don’t have enough time to eat breakfast.

I. What happens if we skip breakfast on a regular basis?

A. Skipping breakfast can not only cause health problems, but also have negative effects on your body.

1. According to the article titled, “5 Reasons Why Breakfast Is Still the Most Important Meal of the Day.” Skipping breakfast can increase the risk of health problems

2. Some of these health problems include diabetes, increased cholesterol levels and cardiovascular disease. It can also cause gastro problems.

B. Mood

1. Skipping breakfast also makes you crankier throughout the day because while you sleep, your brain drains its main energy source called glucose from the food you ate the night before. A morning meal replenishes that energy supply. If you skip breakfast, you are left feeling tired and irritable.

C. Focus

1. Not eating breakfast can negatively affect you concentration because your focus is on how little energy you have instead of what you should be concentrating on.

II. Weight gain

A. Surprisingly, skipping breakfast can also lead to weight gain because you are more likely to choose unhealthy foods, overeat at lunch and dinner, and eat more snacks. According to an article by Ariel Schwartz, “people that skip breakfast eat about 4.9% more food at lunch than people who eat breakfast.”

1. All of the risks previously stated can be avoided simply by eating breakfast regularly.

2. Just by adding breakfast to your morning routine can lower health risks, increase metabolism, curb cravings, improve attitude and provide sustainable energy.

III. Lowers health risks

A. Eating breakfast not only lowers the health risks just mentioned, but also boosts your metabolism, reduces risks for overeating and cravings throughout the rest of the day. According to an article by Ariel Schwartz, “people who eat breakfast are 12.3% healthier than people who do not eat breakfast.

B. Improves attitude

1. Eating breakfast also sets the tone for the rest of the day and improves your attitude because you avoid being “hangry” (hungry and angry).

C. Provides energy

1. Increases your energy throughout the day because food fuels your body ultimately making it easier to find the energy to be active.

IV. What should you be eating?

1. What you eat for breakfast is just as, if not more important than simply eating the meal itself. Avoid sugary cereals because that will only hold you over for a few minutes. According to the article, “5 Reasons Why Breakfast Is Still the Most Important Meal of the Day” by Marissa Swanson, you should aim to eat “real fruit (not just fruit juice), oatmeal, nuts, cheese, low fat yogurt, low fat cottage cheese, eggs, egg whites or whole wheat breads.”

Conclusion: Regularly eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast can have a positive impact on your daily activities. With this speech you now have more knowledge of what you should be eating for breakfast and why you should be eating breakfast, which means there are no more excuses.

You will realize later in the day that by getting up and eating a nutritious breakfast you had a better day at work or school. Regularly eating a nutritious breakfast will not only give you the energy to take on each day with a good attitude but also help you lose weight and help you stay focused.

So next time you feel like skipping breakfast push yourself out of bed and eat a bowl of oatmeal or a bowl of fresh fruits before work or class. I promise you won’t regret it.


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