Using  the topic that you have selected to study(American Football & CTE related injuries), note how you might address  the elements of the research questions and hypotheses for it.

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Using  the topic that you have selected to study(American Football & CTE related injuries), note how you might address  the elements of the research questions and hypotheses for it. You may  use the charts provided or submit in paragraph form.

See the attached document labelled Sample1.doc, use the guide in red to complete a MINIMUM 650 WORDS ANALYSIS(do not copy), YOU MUST ANSWER EACH QUESTION EXPERTLY. ABSOLUTELY NO PLAGIARISM, NO GRAMMATICAL ERRORS. AT LEAST 3 APA SCHOLARLY SOURCES.  DUE 5/14/19 AT 10AM EST



What is your research topic?


Mixed methods design
Mixing procedures that you will use (e.g., use qualitative data to explain initial quantitative results or compare and contrast qualitative results with the quantitative results)
Primary benefit of a mixed methods approach?



Based on your mixed methods design, will you list your quantitative or qualitative questions first? Explain.



Write a mixed methods research question that conveys the content goal of the study:



Write a mixed methods research question that conveys the procedures for mixing within the study.


American football has been attractive to many people in America. A significant proportion of the American people have been found to engage in the game in one way or another. The largest proportion is the fan base the attractiveness of the game makes the players engage in more serious action to entertain their fans. The action leads to some injuries on the players, and they end up being treated from time to time (Daly, 2013). Cumulative injuries on the head have been associated with the increased possibility of contracting brain damage and other conditions such as chronic traumatic encephalopathy CTE which threatens the life of the players. Many of the American football players die shortly after their retirement from the games. The increased deaths raise a question about the cause of their death with some people associating the death with CTE and others stating different reasons for their death. There is, however, a concern about the other potential causes of the death of the American football players making it difficult to align the death of the players to CTE. The number of players dying from the spread of CTE is however significant which raises a concern about the problem and how it could be solved (Omalu, 2014). Understanding the cause and other associating factors, therefore, becomes essential to help the victims. This study, therefore, aims at finding out to what extent could CTE be linked to the early death of the American football players after their retirement.

The worldview which best aligns with the topic of the study is postpositivism. The strategy aligns best since the topic is not new to research and some information is known about the topic. Many speculations have been done concerning the topic, and several people have studied the content. Based on this finding the study is, therefore, going to be a continuation trying to explain a specific context about the topic which will boost the understanding of concepts learned in the previous studies. In postpositivism, the study involves capturing something that is already known and has been studied such that it provides a background to the study and trying to pass a concept to people to bring a better understanding (Phillips & Burbules, 2013). The topic about CTE and American football has been common in the past which makes this study to concentrate on the contribution of American football to the CTE deaths.

There has been a previous association of American football to CTE deaths, and some empirical studies have been done based on the statistics. The study has been conducted on the American football players as well as on other areas, and the causes of CTE have been established as extreme trauma. Through the different studies, it was discovered that CTE is caused primarily by the long-term injuries which account for the death of the American football players shortly after their retirement (Daly, 2013). The discoveries and other studies that were done in the past makes the worldview of positivism the most suitable for the context since it does not lead to the discovery of new knowledge but gives more support to a particular position regarding what is already known.

The study will involve mixed research methods that comprise of both quantitative and qualitative study to arrive at a more informed decision. In the quantitative study there will be a collection of information from the national football league website about the players of American football that died and determine the proportion that died out of CTE. The value will be used to perform a comparative study between the proportions that died out of other conditions relative to those that died out of CTE (Omalu, 2014). The portion of the study will be important in computing the statistics about CTE and the number of deaths. The qualitative study will involve a meta-analysis of the different works that were done by other researchers. The different levels of similarities in the findings will help in concluding. The qualitative study will be used to explain the results that will be obtained from the quantitative study to bring a better understanding of the concepts.

Several strategies will be employed in the collection and analysis of the information. For instance, a collection of qualitative data will be informed by the credibility of the source to reduce bias. Documents that are peer-reviewed will be useful in this section to have information that can be reliable. The quantitative data, on the other hand, will be collected from the previous records preserved by the bodies that keep data on the American football players (Daly, 2013). The data collected will be analyzed through descriptive statistics which will inform on the mode, mean, and distribution of the CTE deaths relative to the deaths resulting from other causes.

The success of this study will be done through a literature review to get the necessary information needed to create a background that can be used to understand the topic better. Several topics are important in composing the literature review that will achieve the intended need of creating a deeper understanding of the underlying concepts. Some of the keywords to use during the literature review will include statistics of death resulting from CTE; CTE causes diagnostic and treatment, American football and the number of CTE deaths in the world. Also, there will be information that will bring an understanding of the relationship between American football and CTE deaths. There will also need to search for information on how American football contributes to CTE. The information collected on the literature review will be helpful in finding valuable information relating to American football and CTE linking them together and presenting it as clear as possible to the target audience.


Daly, C. D. (2013). American football. Minnesota History, 19-27.

Omalu, B. (2014). A historical foundation of CTE in football players : before the NFL, there was CTE. Brain Injury, 1116-1123.

Phillips, D. C., & Burbules, N. C. (2013). Postpositivism and educational research. Experimental Neurology, 167-189.

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