Two Discussions Questions (each one 1 page ) (total 2 pages)

Please answer each question in one page:



You are the new Public Safety Director of a small Indiana city of ~ 25 – 30,000. While almost 34% of your city’s population is from minority ethnic groups, only 9% of the city’s total police, fire, and emergency services force are minorities and none of them are in supervisory or management positions. What is your plan to fix the problem – or is there one?


The 2016 Election was one of the few where the ‘winner’ of the popular vote did not win the Electoral College vote; resulting in (once again) calls for reform.

Some possible solutions ( Pick One )

a) Amend the US Constitution for a genuine popular vote.

b) Require the States to eliminate the ‘winner take all’ electoral college vote in favor of a District by District vote – see Main and Nebraska. The winner of the State-wide results receive the 2 Electoral College votes for the US Senators; the winner in each Congressional District receives 1 Electoral Vote.

c) Leave it alone, the Framers got it right the first time. We need the Electoral College to protect smaller, less populous States from larger states such as California and New York.

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