TOPIC: ENCRYPTION POLICY Write 5-page paper and 1 page for references. Total in 6 pages with citation. Presentation and Annotated bibliography guidelines, topicsAttached Files: Topics for ProjectPrese


Write 5-page paper and 1 page for references. Total in 6 pages with citation. 

Presentation and Annotated bibliography guidelines, topics

Attached Files:

The sources you choose for the annotated bibliography should be sources you will use (or that could potentially be used) in your Residency Presentation for the course. If you’re going to do all the work that an annotated bibliography entails, why not make it count! The assignment requires a minimum of six annotated sources. As you begin to do initial research, start to develop a potential research question from which your argument will ultimately come. For the purposes of the annotated bibliography, it will be best if the sources you find are used to support a single argument or thesis statement. You also want to include a variety of sources, i.e. books, reference sources, and peer-reviewed and published journal articles. Use the resources available here and others available from the library web site to locate your sources.

Each entry of the annotated bibliography should include the full bibliographic information about the work according to APA style (6th edition). See the resources here for help with APA style. For each source on the References page, you will provide an annotation. Each annotation should:

  1. summarize the main points and/or arguments,
  2. speak to the relevance of the source to your paper (ex. how will you use this source to counter or support yours or another source’s argument?),
  3. evaluate the credibility of the source (how do you know it’s credible?), and finally
  4. provide a brief explanation of how/where you found the source.

Annotations are meant to be helpful for the writer/researcher; the information included in an annotation should be information that will be helpful to the writer/researcher as he/she begins the process of composing and integrating sources into the paper. It is important that you refer to the SEWS Rubric for more specifics on the criteria by which I will grade your citations and annotations. Please note that APA requires the word “References” centered at the top of the page. Also, the actual annotations should begin on the line beneath each citation on the list aligned with the hanging indent. No extra spaces should be between the citation and the annotation; the entire document should be double-spaced. Because the sources that will compose your annotated bibliography will be tied to your paper, include your working paper premise or argument at the top of the first page of the annotated bibliography.

The assignment is due  March 7 You will submit your annotated bibliography via SafeAssign using the login found in your Blackboard shell for the class. Contact me for any questions or difficulties with this.

 Key elements of fields for APA citations:

Fields are Author, Title, Publication, Retrieval/format

Key elements are the sub-bullets:

  • Author
    • Last name first, first initials only
    • All authors listed
    • If multiple authors, Commas between authors and ampersand (&) before last author
    • Proper spelling and capitalization
  • Date
    • In parenthesis
    • Should be the second field, after the author or title if there is no author, but never first
    • Should follow (year, month, day) format depending on source type as specified by APA manual
  • Title
    • Sentence case
    • If  book, website, or other “monograph” in italics
    • Proper spelling and capitalization
    • If no author, title should be first
  • Publication
    • If book:
      • City, State: Publisher.
    • If article:
      • Journal title and volume italicized
      • Issue number in parenthesis
      •  page numbers
      • doi if available
    • If website:
      • Full and correct URL in format specified by APA manual
    • If other:
      • Consistent with APA formatting according to the manual
  • Retrieval format
    • Follows APA formatting according to the manual and instructor specifications


2 Websites

1 Book

2/3 peer reviewed articles

1 primary resource

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