Third Paper

What is the puzzle of change? Present in some detail what Hinchliff characterizes as the two currently standard solutions to the puzzle. Discuss problems that both solutions seem to have. How compelling do you find these problems? What is the view of time that underlies the puzzle of change? Make clear exactly what this view is and how it gives rise to the puzzle. Discuss presentism. Is this view plausible? (Say why or why not.) How exactly does the presentist solve the puzzle of change? Present what Hinchliff regards as the appealing features of the presentist solution. Briefly discuss some objections that might be directed at it. Do you find the solution adequate? (Defend your answer.)



                length: 3 pages, double spaced

                font: 11-point, Calibri

                margins: top, bottom 1”; left, right 1”


DO NOT quote large sections of the text. I would prefer if you did not quote at all, but if you must, merely put the author and page number in parentheses, e.g. (Newton, pg 160).


DO NOT use any outside sources.

DO NOT collaborate with other students in writing your paper.

DO NOT assume that your reader is familiar with the course.  



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