The Research Proposal about (Immigration).

Assignment OverviewAs part of the research project, students will write an informal research proposal for their argumentative research paper on one of the course content topics: Immigration, the Environment and Sustainability, and Consumption.

Assignment Guidelines

Download the MLA Paper Template w Works Cited page from Canvas/Files/Paper Writing-General Information.

1. Develop three short, cohesive paragraphs (12-18 sentences) that show a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Use the questions below to guide your proposal content. NOTE: You will find some of the answers to the questions below in the Class Work-Homework Activities that you did previously. (A sample has been provided in the Research Proposal folder. See Canvas/Files/The Research Project.)

INTRODUCTION-In the introduction, you will provide Background as follows:

State your topic and focus, e.g. Immigration and the Border Wall.

Include information you have learned about the topic from your initial research, readings, and class discussion.

Explain how the initial class work and homework activities, like research, readings, and class discussions helped you decide upon and possibly narrow your topic.

BODY-In the body, you will discuss Methods and Sources as indicated below:

Note the research question(s) behind your research.

Discuss sources found and what sources you will consult. (Base the latter on our class use of the library and the Research Paper Final Draft Assignment in Canvas that talks about required sources)

CONCLUSION-In the conclusion, you talk about the Significance as noted below:

Answer So What? Tell Why is this important? and Why would someone else want to read a paper on your topic?

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