The Law Enforcement Representatives Group

Recently, several flyers were found near the campus of the University of Colorado Denver advertising a coming “Unite the Right” rally in downtown Denver. Organizers were in the process of filing permits to hold the rally in City Park. The mayor’s office responded that the organizers’ First Amendment rights would be protected but that violence and/or property destruction would not be tolerated. Recognizing that this is a delicate situation, the mayor’s office has called on you to find a way to resolve this situation, and, if possible, to de-escalate tensions before the event even begins.

Your task, for this assignment, is to work in one of three teams representing three groups identified in the Group Violence Intervention document from the National Network for Safe CommunitiesPreview the document. The three groups are: the Law Enforcement Representatives, the Social Service Representatives, and Community Moral Voices. You must work on how best to resolve the situation described above.

Questions to answer: 3 pages

  • How will your group interact with the organizers and/or attendees of the event?
  • How will your group interact with any counter-protestors at the event?
    • For the above two questions, also consider any communication you might have with those groups either before or after the event.

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