Texas Political

Please answer all of the following reflection questions from Chapter 4: The Executive Department and the Office of the Governor for this module. Make sure to copy the questions into your Journal Entry so that I know which questions you are referring to when answering. You must answer all of the questions, as well as separate your answers.

1. The book discusses six factors that influence the strength of the power of the governor. Those six factors are the number of elected statewide executives; tenure of office; the governor’s appointive powers; the governor’s budgetary powers; the governor’s veto powers; and the extent to which the governor controls his or her political party. Give me details about each of these powers, then at the end tell me what you can conclude about the powers of the governor of Texas?

Be as descriptive as possible with these powers and provide details. Elaborate on the conclusion about what you can conclude about the powers of the governor of Texas in relation to those specific six factors.

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