Ten Project Management Areas Discussion Peers Review 2

Provide a classmate review on their discussion topic :

For this assignment, post a discussion entry that provides your opinion of how necessary all ten of the project management knowledge areas are to project success. Do there seem to be too many? Are there any you would remove/add, etc.?


Classmate post that you need to post comment/ review on :

For this discussion I believe that every project will be different, and the application of the Ten Project Management Knowledge Areas will be situational.  I think that at some point you will use all 10 areas throughout the duration of the project to some degree.  Some areas more than others, but I believe that you positively need all 10 areas’ to be successful and if you sacrifice one for the other, the project will suffer on some level.  While I don’t believe there are too many, projects of an enormous scale may require more areas of management, or you may find that your time is concentrated on one or two specific areas for a larger duration of time during the project.  And I don’t think I would remove any of the areas.  I believe they all combine to provide an effective path to not only project completion, but also success!

10 Project Management Knowledge Areas

  1. Project integration management
  2. Project scope management
  3. Project time management
  4. Project cost management
  5. Project quality management
  6. Project resource management
  7. Project communications management
  8. Project risk management
  9. Project procurement management
  10. Project stakeholder management

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