Ten Project Management Areas Discussion Peers Review 1

Provide a classmate review on their discussion topic :

For this assignment, post a discussion entry that provides your opinion of how necessary all ten of the project management knowledge areas are to project success. Do there seem to be too many? Are there any you would remove/add, etc.?


Classmate post that you need to post comment/ review on :

           For this discussion, I have organized the ten project management areas in order of importance (below) for a family relocation from California and Arizona to Texas (6 adults, 3 kids).  If you thought a regular move was complicated – try accommodating everyone’s expectations, goals, and budget – believe me when I say it is challenging.  As you can imagine, our ideas of what can be accomplished with our timeline and budget are different from reality.  So, I have listed Project Scope, Stakeholder Management, and Communications Management in the top three positions.  Doing so gets everyone on the same page, solicits input, manages expectations, and keeps everyone informed about the entire process.  Good communications keep the “good idea fairy” at bay and maintain focus on the project goals.

            Next, I have project human resource management and integration management.  Each of us brings a different set of skills, experience, and motivation.  For example, I have only bought new builds.  However, my son bought a home last year and recently went through this process, so we rely on his experience to inform the rest of the team.  Also, we all have different timelines for moving to Texas.  I am on a lease until October, and my youngest son needs to start school in August.  Plus, we need to consider K-12 schools, resale value, and everyone needs to find a job with a decent commute.

            The final five are risk, time, cost, and quality, procurement – which go back to the project’s size, goals, and requirements established in the project scope.  We know what we need, how much it should cost, and when we need it.  These steps ensure we stay focused, on track, and get the best possible outcome.

            I do not think there are too many steps; each project will determine which areas need more attention.  So I would not remove any, and I would not add any. 

1 – Project Scope

2 – Project Stakeholder Management

3 – Project Communications Management

4 – Project Human Resource Management

5 – Project Integration Management

6 – Project Risk Management

7 – Project Time Management

8 – Project Cost Management

9 – Project Quality Management

10 – Project Procurement Management


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