teacher with a biased opinion in favor of the idea of communism

must be in APA or MLA format goes through turn it in so do not plagiarize!

Pick ONLY ONE out of 3 and answer to the best of your knowledge + research!

PICK ONLY 1 of the following topics and write an essay of no less then 1000 words and no more than 1200 words in response. Save your essay as a pdf file. Use quoted passages sparingly, and make sure you appropriately cite the source(s) of quoted passages and paraphrases.

1 Is every social group, to some variable degree, “a Church” according to Durkheim? What determines the degree to which a social group is “a Church” according to Durkheim’s definition of the term), its “Church-ness”, as it were? What are the effects on individuals (their thoughts, sentiments, actions) of being ‘members of’ groups which are “Churches” to a high degree vs. of groups which are “Churches” to a low degree? Discuss. (The relative contribution of mechanical vs. organic solidarity in integrating a social group may be useful here)

2 Summarize Engels’ argument regarding the positions of, and relations between, men and women in patriarchal (male supremacist) ‘monogamous’ (i.e. indissoluble) marriages. Critically evaluate his analogizing of the relations between men and women in such marriages to the relation between capitalists and proletarians. How does it strengthen or weaken his analysis of gender, marriage and families?

3 Compare and contrast Marx and Durkheim on the “causes”of “religion” (as each defines it) and the “effects” of religion and religious life on individuals, groups and societies in modern settings.

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