Summary and reflection


-One-page journal.

-A Religion Journal consists of two columns. For the top column (a), provide

your own summary or outline of the reading assignments of each class. For the bottom column (b), write your reflection (comments and questions).

a. When summarizing the assigned reading, you don’t have to provide all the details. Try to focus on the key issues, terms and historical facts.

b. Your reflection is more important than summary. You can make comments and write questions and issues, which you want to discuss in class. Please, keep in mind that it is not worth it to simply give random questions. Questions should come from your reflection. You need to write how you have come up with those questions and what you think. At the end of the class, you must have answers for some of the questions you brought. It means that you are expected to actively engage in class discussion with your religion journal.

Write about any article on this website, ( please mention the article name on the paper

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