Summarize chapter 4 and answer one question from the back of the chapter

Instructions: summarize each chapter (Summaries should be at least two (2) pages minimum) this should be posted via Turnitin by the due date. Answer one question from each Chapter by the due date below. The Questions to select from is at the end of each Chapter Titled: Questions for Review and Reflection.

Question: How do you think HIV/AIDS affects sex and sex relationships—or does it?

The answer to this should be at least 6 sentences.

Please do not use difficult vocabulary, keep it simple.

Please use the book, the book is where the summary should be and the answer to the question as well.

The book is Marriage, Families, and relationships making choices in a diverse society by Mary Ann Lamann, Agnes Riedmann, Susan Stewart.

If you have a question, Please ask.

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