Summaries on Television Articles

You must submit one MLA-formatted document (.doc, .docx, or .pdf) with 3 separate summaries (each should be one paragraph only) on the 3 op-ed pieces: “From Wasteland to Wonderland–TV’s Altered Landscape,” “Social Media Takes Television back in Time,” and “New Twists for the TV Plot, as Viewer Habits Change.” Each summary should be clearly labeled with the title of the article it is based on. Also, each summary should be between 125-200 words. Include the word count for each summary next to its respective title. I’d like you to avoid using quotations in your summaries (unless it is just a brief phrase). Finally, you should use a few templates from your textbook in each summary. Please underline these.

Please keep in mind that this assignment, like all your assignments, will be submitted to a database which uses plagiarism-checking software; therefore, if parts of your summary are too close to the original text or another student’s, the plagiarism database will detect this. Consider reviewing the Plagiarism Tutorial for more help preventing this issue.

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