Spelling and Writing

There are two parts of the assignment each should be on different word documents


Discusion questions

Each answer must be 100 words

Must be in your own words

  • Why is spelling important for reading and writing?
  • What do we know about English spelling?
  • What do we know about learning to spell and spelling development?
  • How can we teach spelling?
  • How can we assess spelling?
  • How can we help English learners with spelling?
  • Why teach handwriting?
  • How can you support students who struggle with spelling?


Spelling Analysis

Analyze the following student writing samples. Determine which spelling stage you believe the student is in based on the sample. Explain your reasoning. Provide three or four appropriate instructional activities for a student at that stage of spelling development.

Student writing example

Spelling stage and why

Instructional focus or task

Ar yu skard ?

I gat hit bi the bol.

I lik krs. krs r fst Mi kr is red

Da dg brkt bekz it hunge

Z a V 5 t P H z

The boy stoped and suddenly fell aftr the clown skared him.

The financal market caused the nashun to fall into a great depresion.


(if needed)

APA-formatted citation

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