science 4 reply

  1. The mourning gecko is found coastal areas of the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean, including the Maldives, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, West Malaysia, Hawaii, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, New Guinea, Fiji, Australia (islands of Cocos [Keeling] atoll, Queensland), Western Samoa, Guam, the Society Islands and the Mascarenes (Rodrigues; fide F. Glaw, pers. comm.).
    b.) In your own words give us just a fact or two ‘About’ this species.

The mourning gecko feeds on small insects and flower nector. They lay eggs in clutches which are laid two to three weeks apart.

This species is not vulnerable or critically imperiled anywhere.

There are many species for which this one may be mistaken. This species is similar to the Asian house gecko, tropical house gecko, turniptail gecko, glapagos leaf toed gecko, flat tailed house gecko, Mediterranean house gecko, common dwarf gecko, pacific dtella, peters leaf toed gecko and the spotted house geck Please agree or disagree to post 2-3 sentences

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