Safety Culture Peers Review 2

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In your own words, how would you explain Safety Culture and what are its characteristics? Include an example of an action taken by management that significantly improved the safety culture at your workplace. Be sure to include appropriate and correct citations from any sources you use to support your response.


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Safety Culture

Toward to the end of this course, we all have a very good understanding about Safety Management System, and the sub system such as Just Culture and  Safety Culture. In a simple word, safety culture is the way of how company do things, it also included but not limit to component such as company policy, safety assurance, safety risk management and safety promotion ( According to FAA, a positive safety culture begins with a desire for and a commitment to safety excellence. the culture continues to expand after your organization learns to watch for problems that arise in the normal course of business and to identify trends or areas of concern. Managers dedicated to safety do not take anything for granted. They are ready to meet emerging challenges and resolve the issues safely. ( To better help understanding safety culture, a brief definition about what “culture” is are necessary. According to FAA AC 120-92B:” Cultures are the product of the values and actions of the organization’s leadership as well as the results of organizational learning. Cultures are not really created or implemented, they emerge over time and as a result of experience. 

  A really good example will be Boeing’s “Go for Zero”, according to Boeing: ” We are more committed than ever to strengthening our culture of safety through continuous improvement, learning and innovation. Teammates from across the enterprise are taking a proactive, unbiased and collaborative approach to all aspects of product safety, compliance and airworthiness. In all situations, every employee is empowered and encouraged to speak up if they have any safety or quality concern.” (Safety at Boeing) When I’m just starting to work for Boeing, FOD is a big problem, it caused the customer refuse deliver dozen of times. There are FOD every where inside a well-build product which ready to take deliver. It is insufferable for both the company and the customer, so Boeing took some action for FOD prevention such as FOD walk before the start and end of each shift, personal FOD bags, digital tool chips, and management involvement. Any tool missing on production day need to be reclaim before the product move to next phase of production. And they have three different level of FOD prevention area, they are “FOD awareness, FOD sensitive, FOD critical.” Also According to Boeing:” An effective debris-control program can greatly reduce the high cost of FOD damage and the potential for injury to personnel. The program is founded on initial and recurring training, and it is carried out through the inspection and maintenance of airport facilities. FOD control is most effective when all affected parties coordinate their efforts.”

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