Response needed

Please respond to the following questions with 650 words :


Imagine what the deep structure of a culture that held each of the following beliefs would “look like.” For example, what religions would likely flourish? What types of laws or political practices might prevail? What kind of an economy would you expect? What might the family structures and social interactions be like? Post answers to at least five (5) of the following questions. Give short essay format answers for each of these questions.

What would a society be like if its’ members believed…

• in reincarnation and karma?

• that all other people are infidels or nonbelievers?

• that all events in the world are determined by Fate?

• that a person’s worth is determined solely by his/her “high” or “ low” birth?

• in the passive approach to life as preferable to an action orientation?

• that certain ethnic or racial groups are intellectually inferior and emotionally immature?

• that elderly people are to be revered, honored, and deferred to in all instances?

• that aesthetic values are of supreme importance and should be used to determine every major issue in life?

• that the rights of groups are more important than those of the individual?

• that women are superior to men?

Consider the questions below when answering:

• Clearly, some cultures hold one, two, or more of these beliefs as the basis of their culture. Do any of these beliefs reflect dominant U.S. culture? What other cultures are represented? How do you know this?

• How do you personally feel about some of these world views? Are any of them “wrong” or “right”?

• If you had to leave your native culture and choose another society to live in, which one would you choose and why? Which society would you never choose to live in and why?

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