research (The Station nightclub fire)

Project Description

Each student will perform a research project relating to a code or inspection failure which led to

a change in either the codes surrounding the project or the inspection process. There is no

requirement that the topic be specifically related to fire or egress codes (my topic is station night club fire). Topics to explore can

include, but are not limited to, major fires, structural failures (both during and post construction),

and others as approved by the instructor.

Proposed sections of paper

Title Page

Executive Summary

Table of Contents

List of Tables (if applicable)

List of Figures (if applicable)


Event History


Impact on Codes/Processes

Impact on Today’s Codes/Processes


Works Cited

Note that there is no requirement to use all of the above sections. There is also no minimum

requirement on the number of pages. There is a maximum of 20 pages. All papers are to be typed

in 12 pt, double spaced, Arial font (standard margins).

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