Research assignment history

Research Assignment #1

For this assignment, not only would I like you to seriously consider your research paper topic, but

start considering your approach to writing this paper. What types of sources you will be using.

For example, if you decide to write about the Haitian Revolution during the early 19th Century,

where would you begin? How and why the revolution began are important factors to consider as

you explore why it was so significant, not just as a historical event, but also how this impacted

other social, cultural, and political changes throughout Latin America. For something like this,

sources vary far and wide from letters, paintings, speeches, pamphlets that address other themes

such as racism, slavery, revolution, gender, public sphere. These are just some examples of what

you could do with a topic like the Haitian revolution. There are many more topics, so go through

your textbook carefully when selecting a topic from one of the chapters.

You are free to pick a

topic of your choice, but DO NOT pick a topic that goes past 1970 (for the sake of the length of

the class). Other topics include, but are not limited to: Simon Bolivar, Mexican Revolution,

California Mission System, etc.

What I need from you:

Please submit a write up (

between 1-2 pages!!

) on what your research paper will be about. This

is not the research paper you will submit, but a well thought out proposal for what your paper will

be about. Both Research Assignment 1 & 2 are assignments built into the paper (or to make the

paper flow more smoothly). Give me a clear idea of what your paper will be about, what you

hope to uncover or answer as you write it, and possibly what kind of sources and evidence you

will be using and working with. This corresponds to some of the Student Learning Outcomes

(SLO’s) I have included in the syllabus this semester.

**This research paper must incorporate both primary and secondary sources. There are various

primary sources within the textbook that you may consider using, which is fine. Be sure you are

able to distinguish between primary and secondary sources.


secondary source

is how historians and scholars have written about a specific

topic/theme/time period

. This includes books, journal articles, and monographs. Please note that

you will likely find primary sources within the secondary literature, which is why it is important

to visit libraries and digital collections from academic databases and institutions. All of this will

consist of some preliminary research and possibly a visit to your closest library. I would highly

recommend that you consider research and writing about a topic or theme that is of interest to

you. Please be mindful of the time period I would like you to work with. Please submit Research

Assignment #1 via Canvas. Not all topics will be approved because some may lack historical

focus. This has happened in the past, let’s not repeat it (pun intended). I will send you a follow

up, giving you the approval, or may make some suggestions for you to consider as you move

forward in this writing process. Any comments or suggestions I make regarding this proposal is

intended to strengthen the quality of your work, and/or narrow the focus if your topic is too

broad, or similar to someone else’s. To avoid students writing their papers on the same topic, the

sooner you submit your proposal the more likely I am to approve it without major suggestions.

Avoid taking the shortcut, and please submit original work. I will submit assignments via to check for originality and /or detect plagiarism. is quite effective

when it comes to checking for online plagiarism, or info that is taken from papers submitted



:Keep in mind,

you must submit

Research Assignment 1/Proposal for approval and to move to

the next stage of the research and writing process (Research Assignment 2).

Students will not get

credit for their research paper without submitting both assignments.

Recommend Watching:

Video Link on Primary/Secondary Sources:

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