Reply to the 2 students

Ellias responded to my post:


Your post offered great solutions in alleviating anxiety. Psychological disorders characterized by distressing or persistent maladaptive behavior(s) can often impede non daily life. The suggestion regarding mindfulness practices is ideal for clients who are able to calm the rush of panic within themselves. Mindfulness practices are developed over time requiring the individual to remain centered gaining intrinsic value(Mineo, 2018).

Mindfulness offers positive reinforcement while remaining aware of moment to moment scenarios. Emotional challenges may range from easy, difficult, painful and joyful. Mindfulness cultivates resilience while building quite internal strength(Mineo, 2018).

  • Based on your research and Angela’s scenario, do you believe she has the mindset or level of mental maturity to calm her level of unease?


Mineo, L. (2018). With Mindfulness Life’s in the Moment. Retrieved from

Heres Elias Post:

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