Reader Response essay

Reader Response

Assignment: Write a piece on analyzing the ways you, the reader, views the text

Purpose: To examine, explain, and defend your personal reaction to a text

Due Date: Sunday, September 23rd by midnight

Requirements: 500-750 wds, a double-spaced typed page, and only your analysis! No outside research except the novel. Make sure to add a creative title. This is your work so please make it stand out! Submit the assignment on Turnitin.

Topic: Respond to the reading of Wuthering Heights only up to this point: Volume 1 Ch. 1-14. only chapter 1-14 here the link for summary not for physical book .…

Here are some questions to consider:

-What is your initial reaction to the novel?

-What is fulfilling or unsatisfying when reading?

-What do you hope to learn at the end of the novel?

-What are some of your questions, curiosities, and reflection with the novel?



-social, political, historical context








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