Qualitative Research Article Critique

For this assignment you will choose a qualitative research article, I  recommend you find something that is interesting to you. The article  should be published within the last five years, if you find a good  article older than five years I can review it and you may potentially  use the article. Please follow the rubric to critique the article.  Please look at the longer description on the rubric. Your critique of  qualitative research will be different than a quantitative research  critique, you will be looking for different things. You will be  identifying key elements of qualitative research as well as appraising  the trustworthiness of the study. Your critique should be 3-5 pages in  length. Please use APA format. Please cite your resources, I will be  using your citation to look up your articles so you will not need to  submit a copy of the article to me.


Qualitative Research Article Critique

Qualitative Research Article Critique
Criteria Ratings        Pts              This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome  Critiques method,phenomenon of interest and purpose What  qualitative method is used? What is the justification of using the  qualitative method? What is the phenomenon of interest, is it clearly  identified?  What is the purpose of the study and it’s significance to nursing?

1.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome  Critiques, sampling, data collection, and data analysis Is the method  to collect data compatible with the purpose of the research? Is it  adequate? Is the study completed according to the methods described? Is the sample appropriate? Is the participants and setting described  adequately? Is the data collection focused on the human experience?  Are data collection strategies described? Is data sufficient, was data saturation achieved and described? What strategies were used to analysis the data, was the researcher true  to the data? Is there a logical connection between the data and the  analysis?

1.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome  Critiques research ethical considerations IRB approval?  Were participants fully informed, was informed consent obtained? Were  participants autonomy and confidentiality protected? Were there any  other ethical issues to be considered?

0.5 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome  Critiques study findings, conclusions and trustworthiness Are findings  described in context? Are you able to apprehend the essence of the  experience from the study? Are findings true to data? Was there existing  literature on the topic? If so is the study placed in context to  current literature? Is the significance of the study to nursing  addressed? Are there recommendations for future studies?  Address credibility, auditability, and transferability

2.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome  Format, grammar, and quality • Organizes paper such that reader can follow student’s argument. • Uses articles (evidence) to support your critique.  • Research articles published within the last five years. • Appropriate APA format.

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