Putting Together a Diversity Action Plan

4 page APA please include title page, abstract, and reference. 


To make this assignment as meaningful and interesting to you as possible, you will have considerable flexibility in choosing a topic and approach for this paper, as long as it is somehow related to diversity in the workplace.

Research Topics include:

  • Putting Together a Diversity Action Plan


The paper should be written to conform to APA guidelines.

  1. The paper should be 4 pages in length not including the Title, Abstract, and Reference      page.
  2. Each paper must contain a section at the end titled “Personal Reflection” in which you are expected to share your own thoughts and ideas on the topic.
  3. Appropriate graphs and/or tables should be included in the Appendix to illustrate research results
  4. A minimum of 4 reference sources  less than 3 years old are required and must be included on the reference  page and properly cited in the body of the text.

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