PSY3019 Columbia Southern University Psychology Theories or Processes Essay

Using the textbook and the CSU Online Library, address the following questions in a two-page essay:

1. Select three theories or processes discussed in Chapter 4. Describe each process, and explain why each is

important to 21st-century psychology. ** Theories to use for discussion- the processes of sensation, perception, memory, or mental chronometry suffice

2. Describe Charles Darwin’s contributions to science and psychology. What were the external influences of his time


Your essay should be a minimum of two pages in length; in addition to the two pages of content, include a title page and a

reference page. You are required to use at least one source.

Please consider the following as you compose your essay:

The introduction should engage the reader, clearly present the essay’s thesis, and provide a summary of the main points

that clarify the writer’s point of view.

The organization of the paper should clearly present logically arranged points.

Your writing should be clear and concise with no spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors.

The number of sources should meet or exceed the expressed assignment requirements, and the sources should be

peer-reviewed or academic in nature.

APA formatting guidelines should be used for reference entries and in-text citations.

TEXTBOOK: Goodwin, C. J. (2015). A history of modern psychology (5th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

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