Prevention, Intervention, and Consultation

You are asked to submit a 1- to 2-page statement regarding your Final Project to your instructor by Day 7 of this week. Please keep this requirement in mind as you review the Learning Resources and complete the Discussion for this week. Refer to the Final Project Guidelines Click for more optionsfor details on the information that you must include in this statement. Be sure to review the literature for evidence-based intervention programs.

My final project is about is developing an intervention program to address substance abuse issue. The population I plan to work with is adolescents and young adults.

Learning Resources for this week:

  • Course Text: Psychological Consultation and Collaboration in School and Community Setting
    • Chapter 9, “Mental Health Consultation” (pp. 68-101)
    • Chapter 13, “Case Study Illustrations of Consultation and Collaboration” (pp. 102-133)
    • Case examples 2, 3, 4, and 5 (pp. 134-136)

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