Postmates & Ubereats Tv Commercials Comparison

3-4 pages double spaces not including the screenshot of the commercials.

I already upload the introduction details in the file below, and here are the two ads you need to analyze.

Uber Eats:


In this two videos, there are several ads, and you just need pick one for each of them to analyze and do the comparison.

Tips from my professor:

when analysis an ads,should talk about :

1. Four empirical theories

• Balance theory (celebrity endorsement)

• Theory of planned behavior (norm pressure)

• EPPM (fear appeal)

• Elaboration Likelihood Model (detailed information vs. shortcut)

• A Hybrid Model – FCB Grid (involvement – thinking/feeling)

2. Three practical theories (which way they use)

• Unique selling proposition (USP)

• Emotional selling proposition (ESP)

• Credo selling proposition (SCP)

3. From 4P to banding

4. Branding & adverting

5. Branding as organization/person/..

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