Portfolio Artifact

***This is Aviation Accident Investigation Class***


**This week I am discussing Human Factor, Pilot / Crew Fatigue / Human Error and their impact on aircraft accident and Aircraft investigation **


Based on the course resources, your personal research, etc., on the topic of the field investigation you are completing this week, post and discuss with peers one example artifact you will or are considering incorporating into your final portfolio, which demonstrates evidence of your critical thought, acumen, and application on the topics.

The intent of this collegial dialogue goes beyond faculty feedback and vectors, to gaining and sharing other perspectives on higher-order learning objectives specific to the four subject-specific investigative techniques and applications. Regardless of whether your exploration this week is specific to human factors, survivability, systems or structures, the overarching objective is to demonstrate achievement of two primary aspects of the specific topic you cover each week: subject-specific investigative tools and techniques and the influence of accident investigation findings and recommendations specific to the topic you explored this week, on aviation safety. As you post your exemplar, note that your peers will be posting on and discussing any of the four topic areas this week, depending on the order of topics they chose in Part II, but that they too are focusing on investigative tools and techniques and the influence to aviation safety, for their specific topic. This gives each of you the opportunity to be exposed to varying perspectives and artifact examples, on all four subject areas, every week.  

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