Policy Alternatives

Discussion: Considering a list of generic policy alternatives

Review the list of generic strategies Bardach lists in Appendix B (Taxes, Regulation, Subsidies and Grants, etc. Attached below)

For each category:

  • First, consider if a policy in this category is already being applied to your public policy problem. If so, provide a brief description based on your current knowledge.
  • Second, review the list of “What you might do” and description of “Why you might do it” and consider any additional policy or policies in this category that be applied to the problem.

After you make this list, list the policy alternatives that you think are most worthy of further investigation with a brief description of why you think so.

Note: It will help me and your classmates who read your post if you will briefly state your problem definition at the top of your post.

I will adjust my policy definition later. For the purposes of this exercise lets stick with “Recidivism rates are too high” and answer questions based on reducing recidivism and how based off of the two prompts above and the reading.

– Looking for thorough answers that address the above. If you need anything additional to complete this assignment, please let me know!

You have previously assisted me with a couple assignments on this topic in the past. Please let me know if you need me to attach them as a reference or if you can look them up in your account under my username! Thanks!!!

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