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election, organization, interpretation, and negotiation are all factors that affect how we see others. Each factor has several other small factors that come into play as stated in the book. Intensity, repetition and contrast or change are related to selection. We tend to “select” or pay attention to people who can stand out in a crowd (intensity), we also attract to others that are consistent in personality etc. Then we “organize” the people we’ve selected into their schemas like what job they have, they’re physical person, personality, and insecurities who we later generalize. Then we use our interpretation skills, like is your manager joking about your quality of work in friendly fun or trying to throw a blow at you. Negotiation I think is what greatly affects perceptions, in my opinion. It’s the most influential part in the entire process, most of the time depending on what others opinions are, we tend to shift our thoughts or come to one conclusion about our opinions on others. Since I think negotiation is the important part of the process we could improve in our perception ability by keeping a strong thought on how we feel with others. Not being easily persuaded into not dating the boy in 5th period because he isn’t the cutest boy in school, or taking that minimum payed job rather than not working at all.

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