Case Assignment tips:

We are writing a paper using all the concepts below:

  • Circularities
  • Triads, triangulation and conflict detouring
  • Rules, pattern and process
  • Feedback
  • Family coordination through communication
  • Double-bind concept
  • Meta-communication
  • Open and closed systems
  • Family homeostasis
  • Family life cycle

Our goal is to practice using these terms in application. Think about your own family system, extended family, or someone else close to you and apply these concepts. For example:

Growing up, Michelle constantly felt triangulated in her family between her parents. Her mom and dad didn’t get along and were in a love less marriage and in order to deal with this reality, her parents overly focused on her making her feel smothered (conflict detouring).

When using the terms, make sure they are in bold font and clearly visible in your paper just as you see here in the example above.

In my example, I used 3rd person and had 2 different ways of using the terms. In the first sentence, I directly used the word in the sentence. In the 2nd sentence, I used a real life example and put the word in parentheses. Both of these are ok as long as you are writing out the word and making it in bold font to make it very clear in your paper.

It may be hard at times to not bring in your own emotions into the paper. For this reason, I ask you to be objective and base this paper on actual events and observations. Pretend you are watching this family as if you are looking in a one-way mirror.

Make sure your paper includes professional sources to add more depth and credibility to your work. What does your reading say about circularities, triangulation etc. in the family system?

Make sure your paper includes both in text citations and a reference list just as you do for your discussion posts. You need at least 2 professional sources. Be sure to include the pages cited


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