Please address the same topic

Nanagh Kemp (“Text-messaging Isn’t, like, Ruining Young People’s Grammar,”) and John McWhorter (“Txting Is Ruining Language, JK!”) address the same topic:

How do digital communication tools and modalities such as texting affect people’e use of formal writing?

To begin your response, tell the reader a little about your experience with using or reading textisms (luv, ltr, thx) or initialisms(lol, tty, omg)? Do you frequently use them or do they annoy you? Have you ever been confused by someone’s textisms or initialisms on social media or other internet text and had to ask someone or search what it meant?

Then, explain how McWhorter approaches this topic. How is it similar to Kemp’s article? In what ways does his focus differ? What would they agree on?

Last, what do you think? Do you think there’s any risk to the language being corrupted by internet or textspeak? Why or why not?Your response should be about 200-300 words (1 page or more) , and careful attention to verb tense, subject-verb agreement, pronoun usage, and sentence structure.

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Let me know if you have further question! Thank you!

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