phtoshop project

I want to create a realistic 3D box on photoshop for a perfume box. see attached images and the same images need to be used! but you can create your own design for the box. I attached the a sketch of the idea I came with.

The perfume is : Bright Crystal for Women by Gianni Versace

Need to use the latest photoshop version (submit the file with the all the layers )

size of the file 8 x 10 inches with 300 dpi

3D Box with 3 sides showing (as shown in my sketch)

the box needs to almost fill up the entire page

use typology and vector for texts

see attached images (use the same images if needed ) I had to use my original images which I took myself

LOGO can be find from the internet

you can come up with your creative ideas to finish this assignment.

all the images used need to be included with the final submission (if you find the logo and the flowers that the scent is made of , please submit them here as well)

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