Peers Review 2

Provide a  comment on a classmate final thought of the class:Research Problem in Aviation  


Classmate post:

m grateful to have learned quite a few lessons from this course. First, the 9-step process was a superbly detailed outline to follow, and I will take this with me to the next post-grad program. I found the questions in every section to be very useful in focusing my attention. I easily get distracted by interesting articles or research works that send me down all kinds of tangential rabbit holes—and no, I’m not ADD, just a tad bookwormish. Also, the research evaluation we did in Modules 2 and 3 helped to crystalize for me the variations in research designs, and I’ll take these lessons with me, as well. Finally, after many years of writing analytical products, briefs, and intel reports, the tone and style of academic writing are quite different than the military’s, thus requiring adjustments on my part. And thanks to these last few MSA courses, I’m learning. No more BLUFs, bullet points, and/or clipped statements, lol!

Thank you, Proff, I’m ever so grateful for your very kind and patient style of teaching! Thank you, Group 2—you guys are terrific, hardworking peers! Lastly, thank you, everyone, for the discussion comments, colored with über cool and unique perspectives of your life journeys and work experiences. Stay safe out there.


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