Peer Review: Final Case Study

This assignment is basically review your peers paper in a memo format read below, I will also attach the peers paper that we need to write the memo on, i will also attach the assignment instruction that the peers paper is about 




After all of the work you have put in this term providing “the boss” with all of this safety information you have complied, now you get to be the boss. Since you are now in the role of the boss, you need to review the report your safety manager submitted to you about the problems they found with the system in your company.

Once you have completed your review, provide your thoughts to your management team about what items you feel should be addressed and why you want them addressed. Next, give a timeline for how quickly these fixes should be implemented and your thought process behind that timeline. Now, realize that many times not everything that is recommended by the safety guy, or any other department in your organization, can be done 100%. That is why we have this method we call Risk Management. So, if you elect not to do something that was recommended, or you elect to defer it to a later time, discuss your decision-making process on that too. If, in the case you don’t feel that any of the recommendations are warranted or needed, please provide your thought process on that. Realize this is more than just a short memo. It should be thorough enough to cover all of the things that were outlined in the paragraph above. A short two or three paragraphs is probably not going to be enough to explain it fully. Be thorough, and cover it all!

This report will be formatted in a MEMO format from you to your management team. If you use anything from an outside source, be sure to correctly cite and reference it per current APA guidelines.

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