Pathophysiology Assignment-2 slides of power point only

2 Slides Only

Pathophysiology Assignment-2 slides of power point only

1. U tube video link on power point2.

2 Slides  power point. only.

3. Pictures and be creative

4. Please use Advanced pathophysiology

5. Power point samples attached

  1. Keep it simple and make sure that the content that your are covering demonstrates to me that you understand the impact of the pathophysiological process that you are trying to educate your ‘patient about”. As a Nurse Practitioner you will on a daily basis be explaining complex diseases for your patients and it is imperative that you educate the patient with the underlying cause, outcomes and impact on their lives using the foundation pathophysiology as your guide.

BEFORE SUBMITTING the make absolutely certain that your that your work contains:

  1. Some information of interest about the disorder could historical facts
  2. A description of the manifestations of the disorder with an explanation as to the cause of these manifestations (MAKE SURE THAT YOUR EXPLANATION OF THE CAUSE OF THE MANIFESTATIONS IS PRESENTED USING PATHO TO EXPLAIN WHY!!!).
  3. A description of the abnormal diagnostic testing with a discussion of the causes of the abnormal test results (MAKE SURE THAT THE CAUSES OF THE ABNORMAL DIAGNOSTIC TESTING IS PRESENTED USING PATHO TO EXPLAIN WHY!!!)

A discussion of the treatment plan and/alternative therapies with potential expectations of the treatment plan etc.

  1. A discussion of the specific information patients who have the selected disorder need to know (make sure this is evidence-based information where applicable)Benign Positional Vertigo (BPV)

    Crystals form in the vestibular semicircular canal (A)

    A calcium crystal develops and gets into the part of the ear that helps with balance. This crystal disrupts fluid flow that leads to vertigo. We are going to do and exercise that should help it go away.


    Sitting straight up crystal blocking normal fluid flow causing BPV

    Lies down hyperextends neck for 1 minute

    Sit partially up chin on chest for 1 minute and gravity cause crystal move.

    Sits straight up and crystal will fall into part of the ear where it will not cause vertigo.

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