One of the most important aspects of the learning process is applying feedback provided by your instructor. For this Assignment, here is what you need to do.

Assignment Instructions

One of the most important aspects of the learning process is applying feedback provided by your instructor. For this Assignment, here is what you need to do.

Review your instructor’s comments and the iRubric carefully. Revise your first essay (Essay 1, Week 2) to show that you understand and have applied the feedback provided. (YOU CANNOT COMPLETE THIS ASSIGNMENT UNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED A GRADE AND FEEDBACK ON YOUR ESSAY.)

(Example: Perhaps you were marked down for using second person (you): “You are exposing yourself to many dangers if you smoke.” Simply correct the error: “Smoking presents many dangers.” The sentence is now in third person.)

Save your essay as follows: Smith_REVISED_Essay1. We will not use Turnitin for this Assignment since your essay was previously submitted.

Please note that your essay will NOT be regraded. Your instructor will examine your paper to see if you have made the necessary corrections. If so, you will receive full credit for this Assignment. (Important: It is unlikely that you will receive partial credit for this Assignment. If you have not made the necessary corrections, your instructor might ask you to revise and resubmit before you are given full credit. Your success in this course hinges on your learning from feedback, so you must be able to demonstrate that your writing is improving as we move along in this course.)

Finally, at the bottom of your essay (after paragraph five), please respond the following questions.

  1. Do you understand your feedback?
  2. Do you have any questions for your instructor?
  3. Do you have any problems or concerns that you would like to discuss with your instructor? Is there anything we can do to help?

That’s it! Good luck and let me know if you have questions.

Rasaki 1

Your Name: Rasaki Lukumon

Professor Name: Nancy Wack Comment by Razaq,Why do you have another professor’s name here? Did you submit this essay in her course? Please let me know. Thanks.

English 101

18 August 2019

Hiking Essay

Hiking is an essential activity and can be conducted in any season of the year. Hiking is comprised of a lot of activities which expose one to nature’s best features. It helps in clearing the mind and also it helps the other parts of the body in many other ways. Also, hiking helps to improve one’s social characters as they get to interact and share life experiences when hiking. Hike time is the most serine time to share experiences as there is little or no disturbances, and the only focus during this time is to explore nature. Given its various benefits and great experiences, hiking is my favourite hobby and all-time favourite fun activity. This paper will be discussing some of these reasons into details. Comment by A three-part thesis is required. Please read the week two lessons for guidance. This format will improve the flow of your writing and your organization.Example: Hiking is my favorite activity because of ___, ___, and ___.

One of the reasons why hiking is a great hobby is that it is just a simple activity. It can be viewed as an extension of the activities which we do naturally daily. Trekking through routes and forests among other areas of interest is just a simple activity which engages only one’s feet. Walking is something people are engaged in daily and therefore, it is quite easy to trek through various routes in the spirit of adventure. It might be hard for the beginners, but they improve with time as they get to master the pace which works well with them.

Secondly, hiking makes one get happier. Hiking can be viewed as having some time into the wild. This implies that when hiking, one forgets all the burdens he or she is facing in life and enjoy natures gift. This helps people to get happier with their life and realize that there is more to it. Those who under a series of depression can use hiking as a therapy for their condition because when they are engaged in this activity, their minds will no longer be engaged in issues which stress them, giving them some great time to think about themselves. Comment by Your body paragraphs are good and discuss three specific reasons why hiking is your favorite activity.

Also, hiking helps in lowering the chances of contracting diseases and illnesses. This activity is characterized by a lot of movements and exercise as an individual move from place to place and sometimes through challenging paths. This helps in ensuring that one remains physically fit and healthy. Exercise is known to prevent a lot of diseases which include high blood pressure, heart disease and also diabetes. This, therefore, explains the kind of benefits hiking has for those who engage in it. Also, when one hikes for long-distance, there are put in a better position to fight diseases and illnesses.

In conclusion, hiking is an essential activity with a lot of benefits, and that is the reason why I categorize it as my favourite hobby. It is one of the few activities where one can get entertained, endless fun and still attain some health benefits. As mentioned in the above discussion, hiking has the capability of preventing some of the greatest diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases. Also, it acts as a remedy for people going through depression as it aids them in improving their self-esteem, consequently making them happier. Due to such benefits, hiking is indeed a great activity.

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