there are six questions each has to have a minimum of 2 refs and 200 words each please divide each answered question with the respective references to go with it so i know which two references goes where, So after the question is answered right under it you can add the two references and repeat the process for the rest 🙂 thank you so much. 


Question 1:


Evaluating Process and Supply Chain Design, discuss the following:


  • +What is the lean concept and why is it important to study?
  • +How can lean be applied to manufacturing and service processes?
  • +Explain the relationship between quality and productivity under the lean 


Question 2:

( a transcript would be provided for you)


  • +Is process improvement alone a sufficient response to Spirit’s declining profits?
  • +What other changes should Spirit make?
  • +In what ways can the airline integrate empathy into its dealings with both +employees and customers? Do you think it would make a difference?
  • +What measurable outcomes should Sprit seek during the process improvement effort? Why?
  • ~

Question 3

(I personally stayed in college all my life so if you can use a work experience you know of in the past or so and i will take care of the rest regarding this question please also this question is the ONLY question that does not need any reference since its based on experiences 🙂 ) 


Consider the most complex project you’ve ever been involved in. Briefly describe the project, giving examples of the following as they pertain to the project: 

  • The work breakdown structure
  • Tasks
  • Subtasks
  • Work package
  • Were you on the critical path?


Additionally, explain the role the project manager played in managing the project’s success or failure. Include an example. 


Question 4

(will provide transcript for you)


Consider what you learned in the experience and respond to the following:


  • +How does Amazon’s supply chain work?
  • +How has Amazon’s supply chain given it a competitive advantage?
  • +In the exercise, what additional research should the consulting team gather and analyze?
  • +In the exercise, what process should the consulting team recommend for solving the internal risks to the supply chain and mitigating the conflict between labor and senior management?



Question 5


  • Choose 2 supply chain strategies aimed to improve organizational performance and enhance competitiveness.
  • Explain each strategy and give an example of an organization that has used each type of strategy.
  • Was each strategy successful? Why or why not

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