Navigating The Regulatory Environment In Health Care

This is a master degree level and has to be written in APA 7 format. The paper is about a case based on a provider who was sentenced to jail for 10 years. and focus on the root cause analysis using the five whys everything is needed here:


Throughout this course, you have examined occurrences of the types of health care noncompliance, fraud, and abuse that commonly take place in the context of the regulatory environment in which organizations must operate. To ensure the best chance of avoiding intentional and unintentional noncompliance, health care administrators should devise and adopt a risk management plan that identifies, assesses, and analyzes the risks and tolerances inherent in the organizations processes and operations. 


One of the crucial aspects of a risk management plan involves strategies for actions that should be taken in the event of a violation or breach of any nature. These mitigating actions should be followed up with remediation aimed at finding the causes leading up to the incident. This is where root cause analysis comes into the picture. 


Root cause analysis is a structured, retrospective analysis of events leading up to the noncompliant event. By developing an organization-wide policy for conducting root cause analyses that is adaptable to specific operations, a cause might be determined, and preventive actions and solutions developed. 


In this assessment, you examine a case of fraud and try to determine why and how it happened. 


ReadMaryland Health Care Provider Sentenced to 10 years in Federal Prison for Health Care Fraud Resulting in Patient Deaths from the United States Attorney’s Office. 


Use the Five Whys to conduct a root cause analysis to determine why the Medicare fraud occurred and Timothy Emeigh’s participation in the case. 


Write a 700- to 1,050-word analysis that identifies and evaluates the root cause for Medicare fraud in this case. 


Include the following: 

  • Articulate the “Five Whys” for this case and provide an explanation for each.
  • Speculate how and why Mr. Emeigh participated in the scheme.
  • Explain what you, as an administrator, might have done to prevent this from happening.
  • Recommend risk management strategies the organization can utilize to prevent this and similar types of events from occurring in the future. 

(Include the citation of the article, and at least three more refs to support the last part of risk strategies created that supports the suggestion provided)


Cite your sources according to APA 7 guidelines. 

Submit your report and article.


Thank you so much this is helping me more then you know. 

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