Mid-semester book review

MID-TERM BOOK REVIEW: 10% of final course grade

A 2-3 page , single-spaced paper where you discuss:

-How this book did (or did not) impact your position as a graduate student and as a writer

– How you could, or could not, use all or parts of this book with your own secondary (NYS grade 10) ELA students

-Questions you have after reading the book, and/or questions the book may have answered for you

Titles to Select From:

Read one of the following books and do the written part of this assignment.
I recommend both- you cannot go wrong!

King, S. (2000). A memoir of the craft: On writing. NY: Pocket Books.

Lamott, A. (1994). Bird by bird: Some instructions on writing and life. NY: Anchor Books.

A book of your own selection; check with the course instructor before you commit to this.
Here are some ideas:
27 of the Best Books for Writers

If you would like access to my course to see any extra assignments or anything else provided within the course for help, I can definitely give you access, just ask! – always use APA format/citing

This is this weeks Module’s overview:

Module Overview:

Photo of Louise Rosenblatt

Required reading & written assignments:

Mid term book review due:

– Atwell, pp. 168-183
-Pay special attention (close read) pp. 171-177 on psycholinguistics
-Note the minilessons about literature on pp.181-183

– Atwell,
pp. 604-605, Appendix K
-pp.103-164, focus on the mini lesson pages: 103-104,107,142-143

– Gallagher & Kittel
Chapters 1 & 2

p. xix

pp 26 & 27, daily templates- essential for your unit plan

Written Assignment:
Note: This is the week after the unit ends

Discussions: #1
Finding direction for a multigenre project,
initial post 10/2, first response 10/4, second response 10/6

Discussions: #2
The teacher’s role in a reading response/ reading workshop classroom
Watch: “Aligning Students with Author’s They Love”, chapter 1- Gallagher & Kittel
Watch:”Daily Time for Independent Reading”, chapter 2- Gallagher & Kittel
initial post 10/9, first response 10/11, second response 10/13

Many ELA teaching professionals feel that to lack an understanding of reader response is to be nothing more than a technician. You must read widely and deeply beyond district, state, and national learning standards in order to best service your students and our profession.

Kyleen Beers & Robert Probst on Louise Rosenblatt- YouTube video to watch
Kyleen Beers and Robert Probst photo
Literature as a Defense of Democracy

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