media 10 question

We have discussed the changing concept of marriage due to the newly acquired equality of women.

Traditional marriage was between two inherently unequal people — men then having more power than women in many significant ways. But that’s changing with the liberation of women, here and globally.

So what, then, should a modern marriage (or marriage-like) agreement be?

Specifically, what would you want? What would you and a future partner have to agree together on in order to make a long-term commitment. What would be the terms and conditions, which may or may not be written in a formal contract?

Identify yourself enough so I know whether you are male or female (or other) and what kind of relationship you’d want, and where you’d expect to live while having this relationship.

In sum, it’s not going to be your parent’s marriage — but what then will it be?

Essays should be 2-3 pages double-spaced, about 500 words.

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