Medea Essay

Consider any of the following statements/questions as possible paper topics. You may use any of them.

In order to write this paper, you must’ve read the Shakespeare’s play, Euripides’s Medea. This is a 3 pages double spaced essay.


  1. Compare Jason and Medea as characters. How are they different? In what specific ways?
  2. Compare Jason and Medea according to their cultures. Jason represents the world of Corinth, civilization, while Medea represents the northern world of the barbarian. Do their cultures clash? How? Does this affect their marriage? Their understanding of the world? Their behavior?
  3. Discuss Medea as a witch, a sorceress who uses her power to help and to hurt.
  4. Medea’s character: benevolent? capacity to love? self-deceptive? wild/barbarian? quality of her intelligence? Why does King Creon fear Medea?
  5. Medea’s will: When does she decide to destroy the children? Is the Nurse just imagining things in the opening scene, or is there something about Medea which gives her grounds to fear? Why does Medea hesitate? Or does she really? Why does she hesitate?
  6. Jason and Medea: love? Once, in the past? Now? Or just passion? Self-interest?
  7. Jason’s character: What of his motives, expressed in the speech in Episode II? Is he sincere? A cad? A cheap lawyer (no offense intended)?
  8. What do you make of the nature of Medea’s revenge? Appropriate? Immoderate? Why must the children die? Does she take pleasure in the deeds?
  9. Chorus: Whom do they favor? What do they understand of things and motives?

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