Leadership and Teamwork on the Flight Deck

Watch the video on United Flight 232 https://youtu.be/hQz_5bS39rg

Create a presentation that assesses the performance of the crew of United Flight 232. 

You will analyze the performance of the crew (and other teammates such as ATC, fire/rescue, dispatch, maintenance) with respect to this module’s lesson on leadership and teamwork. Highlight both positive characteristics and areas for improvement. In your analysis, include a discussion of the principles of 6th Generation CRM/Threat and Error Management (even though this accident was pre-6th Gen.). Do not just summarize the events; include a critical analysis! 

The NTSB accident report is also available for you to review: United Flight 232 (PDF)

Your presentation should be approximately 8 slides, ! 

Please include a reference slide, if applicable,

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