Journal Reflection

TWO CHOICES FOR YOUR REFLECTION THIS WEEK: (pick only one to reflect on please)

1) Freud’s theory presented many key assumptions in personality development; these include past events in childhood determine our adult personality. He also proposed that behavior is dominated by unconscious, irrational wishes, needs and conflict. Have there been events or situations in your own life that you believe one of these assumptions in Freud’s theory can be applied to? Think of his psychosexual stage theory as well as the id, ego and superego and his defense mechanisms. Explain.

2) View the video on procrastination and discuss a what it means to have this traits and how you can or cannot relate to this. What makes people procrastinate? (This week a written paper is due, do you often wait an hour before it is due to submit a paper? (Your professor did this in college and it did work for me)

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