Journal Entry Below

Journal Entry – managing stres

This is the fourth of five Skill Development Exercise self-reflection journal entries. These reflective activities are intended to give you an opportunity to practice stress management strategies and reflect on the outcomes. The goal is to help you develop a stress management toolkit that you can use and share with others in your work or home life.

One stress coping strategy is journal writing. It is a technique that becomes easier with practice. This is your opportunity to safely practice this technique, using Sam’s scenario rather than submitting a journal entry about your personal life.

As stated under the Skill Development Exercise, complete this modification of exercise 11.7 Lessons Learned.

Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and put yourself in Sam’s shoes. Take a few deep breaths. Clear your mind and try to relax. Reflect and respond to the questions below from Sam’s perspective using his Case Scenario. You are to write your answers as Sam would answer the questions in a Journal entry – this is your way to practice journal writing.

1.(Using Sam’s voice) What actions should I (Sam) take to protect myself in today’s job market?

2.Why and who should I (Sam) network with for maintaining or finding a job?

3.What lessons can I (Sam) learn from this experience?

Your work should be submitted in a 1-2-page double spaced Word document. This is a skill building exercise. No references are required. However, if you use any source material beyond the textbook exercise, including course materials or external sources, you must cite your references using APA formatting for both in-text citations and reference page. Please carefully spell and grammar check your work before submitting.

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