Jazz assessment

For this assignment, you will select any song from Miles Davis’ “Birth Of The Cool” to use as a basis for creating a visual representation of the track as well as a written explanation.

Listen to the entire piece several times and think about images, colors, or ideas. From there, consider a “medium” – you may wish to create something physical such as a drawing or painting, or digital such as a collage, video mashup, etc. Your creation may be concrete or abstract.

Once you have created this, you should write a description of your work. Explain your thought process so that someone can look at the image, listen to the piece, and read your comments to get an understanding of how you perceived the process.

Upload the visual work in an accessible format. It may be in .jpg, .pdf, a link to an uploaded video, etc. If you create a physical project, you will need to capture that via scanning, high resolution photo, etc.

Upload the explanation in .doc, .docx, or .pdf format.

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